Short and sweet

So, in an effort to see if/wHo/what is reading this thing, I’m offering up my first attempt at a micro short story. I’d love some feedback, just to know I am not just typing into the void. I think this is what they call flahs fiction, but I wrote it as a warm up for a 100 word story contest.



Trevor Curtis

Today, the sky went out. People came outside, looking for it. All the stars and clouds were gone, replaced by black. Stocks fell and babies cried, cars crashed on streets and the world descended into chaos.

Tim was the reason. The thought went through humanity’s brain all at once. Around the world, all people named Tim died, were captured, or even raped in the next twelve hours. Above the clouds, a small alien cursed,thinking this was the last time he’d use a Windows product. Translate, my ass.


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