Tired of the pale,male and whiny

I generally try to only post on here when being positive. So today’s post is an attempt to put a positive spin on some negativity that I’ve come across.

Here’s what’s got me ticked off. It’s my own people. I’m so tired of being ashamed of being a straight white male. But really, it’s damn hard not to. From the assaults on women’s rights in the courts to the BS with the guys who run the Penny Arcade webcomic, it seems that if you have a vagina in this country, you’re a target. And as a lover of those with them, and the father of beings with them, it shames me. And it  should shame you. You know when you get to feel superior to a woman? When you give birth. Until then, show some respect.

And when did honor go out of style in this country? I mean, if you get called on being wrong, don’t whine about it. Suck it up, get some intestinal fortitude, and figure out what to do next. The level of whining in this country by people who are already sitting pretty appalls me. I feel like  I should have a giant sign of Tony Soprano saying “poor you”.

Men complaining about how they didn’t get an award? Check.Men complaining about how they got called on their prejudice and lack of empathy? Check.Here’s a big question:why don’t we bring back shame?

We all remember shame from when we were kids. Most people today it seems, have lost contact with the guy. Sure, he did some bad things back in the day, like causing gays to be closeted and abuse victims to be silent. But that’s no reason to fire the guy. I mean, if anyone needs him now more than straight white guys, I don’t see it.

If he came back, FB would be a lot nicer place. The net trolls would just sit in their basements and watch :Hackers” until they disappeared in a burst of uselessness. Bands and authors might become solvent again as people actually realized stealing music and movies is a bad thing. And maybe I could actually take my daughter to a sporting event without some guy using every swear word in the book to describe the opposing team.

So here’s what I’d like us to do: I’d like to start a petition to put a shame icon on Facebook. That way, you could tell someone they should be ashamed. And all the votes would have to be public. That way, when someone decides to try and use it to shame someone for evil(like shaming girls who are on birth control or abortion), the button can be turned around and used right on them.Of course , the buttons use on Congress alone might implode Facebook’s servers.

Positive use of all this comes in the form of knowledge. Yes, the net is being used to spread hate and discord. Any step in technology does.But it’s also showing the toads who used to hide under rocks there isn’t a place to hide anymore. Don’t mourn for your privacy, people. It’s been gone for a decade and you just didn’t care enough to save it. Rejoice in the fact that when everyone is open, no one can hide anymore. Evil does not do well in light, folks. Good night.


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