Are we live?

here goes another adventure. After years of mucking about with LJ, tumblr, and whatnot, I decided there was only one way I was going to get off my lazy butt and get real about writing:

I’d have to pay for it.

Actually, that’s a lie. My wife suggested a few weeks back that I needed to have my own site where I could publish my work, and hopefully get it noticed. Well, my LJ site could do that, but let’s be honest,LJ is the MySpace of blogging. I don’t know the last time I looked up a new writer or group and they had a LJ site. And tumblr? Sorry, I’m not 20 and busy posting pics I’d ┬áhave to explain to my daughter.So after much dithering and woolgathering, and way too much time on FB, I decided to get my own site. Lots of self-help books will tell you to visualize your dream. Well, part of my dream is to be a professional writer. I’ve had one short story published, and one book signing in the last year, and more rejection than I’ve ever thought possible.

So in an effort to keep my spirits and hopes up, I decided I needed a site of my own. First problem: My name has been taken for decades now, by a stage magician in England. So I decided on It had the benefit of being a)not taken and b)numerically significant. I’ll post eventually about the number 23, and promise not to bore you like the shit Jim Carrey movie.

The second problem: I can’t code worth two cents. If I could do that, or do graphic design, I’d be in a much better place financially. So I looked at author sites, and decided I needed to use Word Press. So far, it seems fairly easy, and doesn’t have the giant ;learning curve that web programming used to require. But when I looekd at it,it offered a big temptation:free hosting.

I think part of my problem with keeping up with previous blogs was the free aspect. If you don’t have to pay for it, and you don’t keep up with it, doesn’t matter much, does it? So I almost wanted to stop right there. But then I decided to ┬áskip the free hosting, because frankly, I don’t trust it. So off I went. Domain registered? Check. Webhosting? Check. Though they did soak me for the first year right up front. Ouch. No comics for me this month.

What’s going to be on here? Not telling you. You’re just going to have to wait and see. I’m no longer promising things to be out, unless they’re done. I’m hoping to vastly improve the way this looks, though,so expect it to change a lot. Here’s to the first step on the journey, folks.

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