Grinding it out vs. Goal oriented.

One of the biggest problems I have is consistency of writing. One of the reasons I got this website made was to force myself into writing consistently. I love those people who have so much story in them that they could just sit in front of a computer for years until their  hearts give out with joy. The number of successful writers who are that way number in the statistically insignificant.

My writing gurus, Joe Eszterhas and Chuck Wendig, both are advocates of the sit down and write like a motherfucker as much as possible. They’re advocates of  the grind enough shit out, and eventually you’ll get something you can polish into a diamond. It’s a formula you’d be well advised to look at, since it’s worked for pretty much everyone you can find on a bookshelf.

Here’s my problems with that theory of work. I can’t do it. If I sit down in front of a computer with no goals to write for an hour, all you’re going to get is self-involved BS about how my life sucks. If I really wanted to do that, I’d be back on Tumblr. I’d also be failing miserably at my policy of trying to be more positive in my public outporings.

So what should I do? I think I need to have things be goal oriented.I think this is due to having a BA in Journalism, where I was drilled in the school of word efficiency. This is fine for me, since my writing idols are people like Joe Lansdale and Andrew Vachss. Vachss said and I’m paraphrasing a lot, that “writing should be like a prizefight, with each sentence being like a jab or a feint, setting up for the roundhouse  at the end of the story” He believes in word economy, of using every word just right.

But put me on a deadline with a goal, and all bets are off. I’m a ninja  at getting into it once i have a goal and the clock is ticking. I think the trick for me is getting into that mode,that mindset of got to get it done, now. Yes, I did Nano wrimo, but I spent half the time I should have, because I work better under pressure. Boy, was I trained well. Can you say Pavlov?

So, dear readers(all five of you that aren’t related) I’m putting it to you, do I do a short story? A novel? A rewrite? I need a goal. If anyone knows of a site for finding out who’s looking for what for short stories, let me know. Me, I have a  wife to wake up from her nap and garbage that needs to be taken out.

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