Week without a Wife-Day 7

This should be the end to Week without a Wife, But since she ain’t back until Thursday night, there will be extra Week without a Wife. Maybe somewhere in here I’ll figure out the point to what I’ve been writing. Maybe there’s some master plan. Who knows? Who Cares? Who profits? Qui Bono?

Yes, I’m definitely a few shy of sane tonight. Let’s see where this goes.

Grey slumped against the chair in the interrogation room. His head rang form where the police had used it like a pInata. At least, that’s what he thought had happened. All he knew is that after his visitor had faded away like so much fairy snot, Herr Duvic had grabbed him and kept screaming at him. Grey recalled people pulling him off the officer, and him trying to punch every human he could see. This had earned him a serious ass kicking in return.

Now he was here in this lovely square, which reeked of B.O. and stale cigarettes. He’d seen places like this in movies, but nothing had prepared him for the claustrophobia, or the smell. After what appeared to be a small eternity, the door opened, and in walked Sergeant Duvic and another officer.

Duvi’cs manner and the guy’s suit made it clear this was a boss, not a colleague. He carried a small folder under his arm,and two coffees. He sat down across from Grey and slid one cup across to him.

“Good evening, Mr. Farben. I’m Precinct Captain Franklin. Please let me offer my firmest apologies for what has transpired here.”

“What’s happened is that your guys kicked my ass for defending myself. I thought this state still had self defense statutes.And I like my coffee with sugar and aspirin.” Franklin glanced at Duvic, who looked like he’d swallowed something big and awful,then left.

“Now, my understanding is that you’re claiming Duvic hit you first,correct?” Franklin took out a small recorder and a note pad.

Grey thought a minute before answering. “More like he assaulted me first. Nut job starts shoving me and pushing me, claiming I killed someone.” Grey had learned at at early age,like most younger siblings, to ┬ánot acknowledge anything he’d done wrong to elders and bosses.

“Yes, and Duvic is still claiming you’re a murderer. But since there’s no body, no blood and nothing whatsoever to prove this, I don’t think he’s going to be able to get someone to buy it.” Franklin looked into his folder a minute then leaned back and sighed.

“There is, however, the small matter of your attacking several of my officers. I know, I know.” he raised his hands,”You didn’t start it. But that’s not how the law works.”

“So here’s what we’re going to do: We’re going to let this all go as a small misunderstanding between a man whose wife is missing, and an emotional homicide cop..” Franklin smiled at him, but it didn’t register anywhere in his eyes. Grey was thinking this had more to do with fear of a civil suit ┬áthan anything else.

It was all very clear to him. If he sued, they’d press charges. So everyone was going to play nice, otherwise he’d be in jail, and they’d be liable.

“Fine. Just draw up whatever I have to sign to get me out of this place. And the missing person report I need to file, with a key to the men’s room..” Grey strained to his feet, his body still hurting everywhere. There was a knock on the door and Franklin opened it. Duvic came in and sat down the sugar and two aspirin. He turned and murmured something in Franklin’s ear,who frowned.

“Well, this complicates things. Your lawyer’s here.”

Grey looked confused.” My lawyer? I haven’t even had a chance to call.. ”

His words fell off as the door opened and Dave stepped in, briefcase in hand, suited upo to the tenth degree.

“May I have a word alone with my client, Officer?”


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