Week without a wife-Day 5

So here we are on day 5. So far, no delving into rants, self-pity, or bile spewing. That might happen yet, but so far it’s all behind the wall for now. On with the show….


The ringing kept persisting,as if someone was pressing the button. Since the button didn’t exist, he wondered who/what/how was that noise coming from the door. He could see someone standing there, He opened the hall closet, fishing around for something to use as a weapon. Only thing he could find was his old hockey stick from pee wee days. Grey thought if he hit the guy with it, he might get a zit popped or something from the force. Steeling himself, he opened the door.

Grey would later be hard pressed to describe the being standing at his door.It was as if he disappeared from your visual memory due to the incredible ordinariness of him. His suit was neither too fancy or too plain. No brands were apparent on him ,and he seemed as if he was mathematically compiled out of a statistical average.  His suit was dark, but not black, his eyes were brownish,but not not piercing. His very presence left Grey in a stupor for a second.

“Hello, Mr. Farben. I believe we have some issues to discuss.” He trailed off a name and what sounded like a  government agency, but Grey couldn’t be sure. His head was full of bees, the buzzing was so loud. The being kept talking, almost whispering.

“Where’s Dave, Grey? You can tell me,it’s OK. Just tell me, it’ll be all right. She’ll be back, the kids will be back, and this will never trouble you again.” The mention of his kids and Frida was like a slap. Grey grabbed the man’s lapels, and tried to shake him, but he just fell at his feet, the buzzing getting louder and louder.

“That’s it, Grey just give in. We’ve got your wife and kids. We got your folks, and we’ll get you as well. You’ll never even feel a thing.”

Grey fell forward on his knees, his forehead on the floor.It would be so much easier. The last day had been so hard. Why not just give in?

You don’t have to give in, Grey. The voice was female, full and throaty But if you do, we will avenge you.

Avenge me? I’m not dying today?  What the hell!

If you don’t get up off your knees,The female voice said,you’ll die on them. 


Grey stood up, rage in his eyes.”I ain’t telling you shit, and you can go to hell!” He reared back and punched the guy right in the face, putting all his weight behind it.

The face cracked and shattered like an egg, Grey’s face going right through it. As he pulled his fist back, there was a whooshing noise, and suddenly  blood sprayed everywhere. Then flowers:. chrysanthemums, orchids and daffodils, so many he couldn’t count them all. It was spraying wet, red and petals everywhere . Grey swore he could hear music for a brief second, and then the gentleman collapsed like an empty sack. His skin and clothes slid down the steps, landing in a pool at the bottom. Grey stood there, clothes steaming from the warm viscera that had bathed him.

Grey staggered down the steps, unsure,unsteady. As he bent to pick up what was left of his visitor, he heard a polite cough. And looked up into the face of the officer who’d stopped him minutes ago. He too, was covered in red goo,petals and stems.All except the 9mm he had pointed at Grey’s head.


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