I have a dream

Finally,I’ve gotten around to the book “Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia:How the Whole World is conspiring to shower you with Blessings” by Rob Brezsny. It’s been in my book pile for a while. I’ve loved his Free Will Astrology  column for years. Yes, Virginia, the jury may be out in your heads about astrology being hokum or not. What you can’t deny is the sheer joy Brezsny puts into his little  bits. Pronoia is his masterwork,and I’ve started going through it and doing the suggested writing exercises. It’s one of the many things I’m trying to do to change my aura around. One of the exercises or tasks he suggests is doing a personal version of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. I’m not a speech writer, so it turns out like more of a poem than anything else. Anyway, here goes.

Note: no contest  this time for the blog post title. Last time’s was a line from Green Day’s immortal song “Welcome to Paradise” Yes, they supposedly ruined punk. But damn if that song didn’t  perfectly encapsulate leaving home for the first time for me,


I have a Dream(Easiest Setting version)

by Trevor Curtis

I have a dream that someday people will be judged by who they are, and what they do,not by what they wear, how they look,the color of their skin, or whatever fleshy bits are/are not hanging between their legs..

I have a dream that someday the biggest corporation will be my local grocery store.

I have a dream that someday all governments will be forced to reveal all their secrets,s o no more people have to die for lies.

I have a dream that  everyone is fed, has work of value, a roof over their heads, clean clothes, clean water, and a bed.

I have a dream that someday all people can love/not love a diety/god/nothing of their own personal choice, and that  it’s ok whatever you believe, so long as it doesn’t hurt others.

I have a dream that someday creative work is fairly valued, and that art of all stripes is held in regard.

I have a dream that one day, all media monopolies are gone, and that we have no channels, just sources, and that responsible people give facts about the news, and real news at that. I want a world where an archaeologist goes “Kardashian who?”

I have a dream of a day when a gun killing someone is seen as obscene, and an erect penis is not.

I have a dream of a future where sex-ed and birth control have made abortion almost a moot point, where every child is loved and cared for.

I have a dream of a world where we look back on oil consumption for fuel as the joke it is.

I have a dream of a world where every tree that’s torn down, every building and road that’s built, is done so with the planning for how it will affect seven generations down the road.

I have a dream of no more megacorps, megabanks, or mega anything ,except mega joy and mega love.

I have a dream of democracy world wide, where every nation is no longer interested in killing you for where and how you live. Where the leaders are as transparent as glass, and where corrpution is not allowed to take root. Where leadership terms are brief, and all men, not just those with wealth, are allowed to lead.

Lastly, I have a dream of a world where I can die knowing my daughters and granddaughters will never know the fear of rape or slavery. Where men are raised as men, not beasts. And people treat people as equals, not lessers or betters.


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